Home Smart: The Future Is Now

by Stacey Eskelin

From the telegraph to the VCR to the cell phone to the tablet and beyond…innovations that seemed worthy of science fiction are becoming part of our everyday lives. Now a new technological revolution has arrived: home automation like you have never seen it before. Home automation the Control4 way.

Richard Machemehl and Scott Crain, co-owners of Home Theater Evolutions, are as excited about the leading edge technology of Control4 Home Automation as only diehard electronics enthusiasts can be. They started doing in-home electronics installations in 2003–initially working not out of a van, but just a four-door Saturn. “We’ve been electronics geeks since we were kids,” Scott explains. “But nothing prepared us for the array of possibilities available to homeowners now, at just the touch of a button. By integrating everything from lighting, music, climate and security to your iPhone, iPad, Android smartphone or tablet, you control everything, all the time, even remotely.”

Start small, if you like, by just automating your family room. But Home Theater Evolutions co-owner Richard Machemehl predicts that you won’t want to stop there. “Consider the convenience and safety of being anywhere in the world, yet accessing your house remotely. Repairmen, lawn service, pool maintenance. Via Control4’s security cameras, you will be able to identify anyone who approaches your house. Open the garage, turn on the lights, turn on the air conditioning, and then at the press of a button, turn everything off again and reactivate all your security as soon as they leave. You will know everything that is going on the minute it happens.”

Do your teenage kids come home after school and immediately turn on the television? “You can control that,” Richard says. “If you have a no-television rule until all homework is done, Control4 gives you a way to enforce that rule.” From the temperature of your pool to the dimness or brightness of your indoor/outdoor lights, Control4 has taken home automation to the next level. Want to curl up to a cozy fire while watching the latest blockbuster in surround sound? No problem. Control4 has you covered. Control4 also has Smart door locks, with either push button or touch screen entry. Lost keys are a thing of the past. Your doors will secure themselves automatically. Never again will you worry about someone leaving a door unlocked.

Any space. Any budget. Let Richard and Scott at Home Theater Evolutions show you the art of the possible.

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