Is Your Home a Safe Haven for Rodents?

Bugco-Top2Bottom InspectionsThe most recent American Housing Survey released reports of incidents of rodents in 25 major cities across the United States. John Onofrey, owner of Top 2 Bottom Inspections and BUGCO Pest Control was not at all surprised that the Houston area reported some of the highest percentages of rodents in the country.

“We see evidence of both insects and rodents in a large majority of the homes we inspect,” says John. “You don’t have to see a mouse or a rat to know they’re there…they leave their evidence in droppings, attic trails and urine trails. And in our climate, we are under attack all the time. In the summer, the rodents come in looking to cool off and find some water. In the cooler months they come in looking for warmth. You’ve made your home a comfortable place for your family…and these rodents want a comfortable place to raise their babies!”

But maybe you don’t want your home to be a safe haven for rodent babies! Luckily, it doesn’t have to be…BUGCO Pest Control has the solution to rodent control. “Rodent exclusion is your first line of defense,” says John. “We need to seal off all of the exterior access points…cover weep holes with wire mesh and seal points where wires are entering your home. Windows and door seals need to be checked and low hanging tree branches are convenient pathways onto your house. If vermin evidence is present, we set out bait stations to not only eliminate the rodents inside your home, but also to help in reducing the outside population.”

John started the inspection business in 2003 and has been growing since day one… inspecting properties all over Fort Bend and Harris County. With the rampant pest and rodent problems in the area, a lot of customers were requesting pest control too. In 2007, John launched BUGCO with long-time friend Chris Millward. John says, “Chris had years of experience in pest and rodent control with a national company…so it was a great fit. We pride ourselves on delivering honest, responsible and effective service, and the kind of personal touch you only get from a home-grown company. As local guys, we know what kind of pests to expect…and how to deal with them. For both residential and commercial customers, we offer inspections and treatment for termites and other pests, mosquito misting, and rodent control and exclusion…because no one wants to inadvertently harbor rodent babies!”

If just reading about the possibility of rodents in your home or business gives you eebie-jeebies, give John a call. “We always inspect and verify you actually have a pest problem before we take any action,” says John. “And we’ll always recommend the appropriate treatment. We promise to honor the trust you place in us, because integrity means everything to us!”

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