Joshua’s Super-Stubborn Tooth

“Most children lose their first tooth between ages five and six,”  says Dr. Bianca Sanchez at Little People’s Dentistry, “but some teeth are super-stubborn! That’s what happened to my friend, seven-year-old Joshua.”

Joshua’s dad, Richard Harrell, says, “We met Dr. Sanchez and her husband through a Houston Texans football team. When I heard that she was a pediatric dentist, I made an appointment. Joshua and his younger sister absolutely fell in love with her office…they get excited about going. They know where all the toys and games are and when they’ll get their new toothbrushes or tokens. Dr. Sanchez has had to pull three of his teeth, and he loves her! I’ll recommend them to anyone…because how often do people–much less kids–think its fun to go to the dentist?”

What makes Little People’s Dentistry so awesome? Joshua says, “When you wait, you can see the TV and play and watch the fish swim in the tank. I like the crazy mirror that makes me look like a superhero. When she’s checking my teeth I can see the same show on TV that was in the waiting room. I like the smell of the bubblegum.”

“My tooth was wiggly and I wanted it to come out. Daddy took me to Dr. Sanchez and I was excited. When she pulls a tooth you get four tokens! I always choose a ball from the vending machine. I liked seeing my teeth on the x-ray. Dr. Sanchez helped three of my wiggly teeth come out. I get a dollar for each one from the tooth fairy.”

Are your kids excited about seeing the dentist? Dr. Sanchez says, “ We have a lot of fun, even when we’re taking a digital x-ray to make sure everything’s OK. Once in a while a wiggly tooth is so loose that my magic toothbrush does the trick. Other times I’ll whisk ‘magic gauze’ over your wiggly tooth and the next thing you know…it’s out! The tooth fairy doesn’t care whether your tooth falls out on its own or I give it a little help…she’s happy as long as it’s healthy and strong!”

Joshua wants to make sure you know: “One more thing…it’s so cool there!”

Little People’s Dentistry “Because Kidz Are People, Too.”

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