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How does one Houston mother of four and loving wife help her customers with hot flashes, increased energy, high cholesterol, high blood pressure and weight loss? “The right herbs, in the right mixtures will help you with all those problems,” says Robin Anthony, founder of Renu Herbs.

Take for example Pam Sanders. After using Renu Herbs products, she had this to say, “Before your Organic Tea Leaves I was truly post-menopausal. I was on medication and wearing the hormone patch trying to find relief. I slept in the guest bedroom because I sweat so much at night due to the hot flashes that my bed was like a river. I did not want to wake my husband every night, changing my nightclothes. Well, I no longer have night flashes. Robin, I have prayed for something all-natural like this and you have created it. Thank you not only for myself, but for all women in the world going through menopause and hot flashes. Your products are truly a God Send!”

Renu Herbs Organic Tea Leaves, Robin’s newest formula, helps pull toxic waste from your body to eliminate hot flashes, memory lapses, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, circulatory problems, diabetes, sleep problems and lack of energy. But what about a sluggish colon, no energy or just weight gain? Does Robin have a simple solution to these problems too?

“My Detox Trio is essential for weight loss,” says Robin. “The fact is we’re laden with toxins…from the foods we eat, the water we drink and the air we breathe. Your body stores these toxins in fat cells. If you don’t detoxify before trying to lose weight, you’re fighting a losing battle. Your body simply won’t allow you to suddenly dump these stored toxins on your kidneys and liver. Your own body will literally fight to keep the fat on. Our all-natural, organic Detox Trio is designed to clean out that toxic waste in your system which will jump start your weight loss program. Follow with a sensible diet and add exercise and the weight will come off.”

Robin’s wildly popular Detox Trio consists of three powerful products: the original Detox Tea to help cleanse the blood, Parasite Tincture to zap the deadly parasites (and their eggs) responsible for sugar cravings, and Colon Cleanser to gently remove the waste and parasites from your system. Together they detox your system leaving your body feeling lighter and ready to run at peak performance. Can you feel the effects of living in a toxic environment? Iris S. writes, “My husband went to bed every night with an itchy back. It would not itch at any other time except at night. Well, my husband started on the Parasite cleanser, and the itching stopped! But what is very interesting, is the fact that after a week and a half, he stopped the product…the itching came back! When he recommitted, the itching stopped again. He is SOLD on Renu Herbs Detox Trio, and for my husband, that is a pretty big thing!”

Does toxic waste in your body show up on your skin? Tracey Gates writes, “The Detox Trio gave me such beautiful skin that people thought I had microdermabrasion. Thank you Robin!”

Whether you need the Organic Tea leaves for hot flashes and sleep issues or the Detox Trio for total detoxification and weight-loss, consider your symptoms and find your solution at Renu Herbs. Purchase both products together and receive a free gallon of Robin’s new alkaline water for optimum health!

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