KATY Edition – Are You Ready For Your Little Black Dress?

Lose up to 50 pounds before the holidays with our Medically Supervised HCG weight loss programs!

“I am a fifty-two-year-old male whose days consisted of working and falling asleep in my chair at night. I have never believed in any diet or program until now. I was 308lbs, with little or no hope of ever losing any of my weight. I decided to try HCG after I saw my wife Nancy (who was on the HCG program) shrink before my very eyes. After 43 days of HCG, I now weigh 249 pounds. I have energy like I was in my 30’s. I spent almost every night for the last nine years on the couch due to snoring (because of my weight). Now I go to bed and sleep the whole night through in my own bed…next to my wife! My blood pressure has dropped to 112 over 68 and I know when I see my doctor I will be taken off my meds. Thank you HCG and Ageless Med Spa for giving me back my life!” — Jim Farley

“HCG is absolutely amazing! When I started the program, I was 174lbs, frustrated and not happy AT ALL with the way I looked or felt. I have always been active…but once I hit my mid 40’s, it was like Mother Nature was against me! I got big in my face, belly, hips, and thighs. And my energy level was almost 0. No matter what I did, I just couldn’t lose the weight. And the scale kept going up! I heard about HCG, did some research on it, and decided to give it a try.”

“Best decision I have ever made for myself! I started the 43 day program, and every morning when I stepped on the scale I weighed less and less. It was crazy! The weight was just falling off. Not only that, but I was sleeping better than I had in years, so my energy level was up. My skin looked healthier (people told me I had a “glow” about me), my hair looked better, and I felt good. Really, really good. I kept track of my measurements and BMI. I was speechless watching my waist and hips get smaller and smaller! My BMI went from “overweight” to “normal” within 3 weeks. I even looked younger!”

“By the end of the program, everything had changed. I started at 174lbs, 38in waist, 42in hips, and my BMI was 37.8%. After 43 days, I’m 130.2lbs, 32in waist, 36in hips, and my BMI is 22.3%. I feel like my old self again. HCG is like a second chance. It got rid of all the excess weight, reset my metabolism, and gave me back my energy and health! Now I am very happy with how I look on the outside…and how I feel on the inside. Thank you HCG! And Thank you to all the staff at Ageless Med Spa. I would say to anyone reading this who is thinking about trying the program…do it!! It works, and you’re going to look and feel great!” — Nancy Farley

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