Katy Edition: Every Tooth Fairy Loves this Beach!

by Amy Sharp

The tooth fairy has a daunting task each night–so many homes to visit, pillows to lift and teeth to collect. They know everyone needs to relax…that’s why the very best tooth fairies ask their kiddos to spend a couple hours at the beach each year. We’re not talking about the Gulf Coast…we’re talking about Grand Parkway Pediatric Dental! Dr. Faisal M. Khan says, “I’m the tooth fairy’s biggest helper! My job is easier when the children relax…that’s why I want a visit to my office to feel like a day at the beach. Kids are exciting. They live in the moment. I love living vicariously through them, and some of my favorite stories from the kids are tooth fairy stories!”

“I hear a lot of tales of crazy tooth fairy math skills,” continues Dr. Khan, “I know one tooth fairy who thought each tooth was worth the same as the age of the child who lost it. That wasn’t too expensive when the first teeth came out, because most kids lose their front teeth when they’re five or six. But the canines and back molars come out when kids are ten or even twelve…even a tooth fairy who doesn’t know multiplication knows those teeth get pricey really fast! I tell all the tooth fairies that if the math’s too tricky, you can always give a little toy or a good book instead.”

All tooth fairies are different–but they all share a common goal–to find shiny, healthy teeth under all the little pillows! And getting those beautiful teeth is easy. Brush, floss, and visit the beach twice a year. At Dr. Khan’s beach-themed office, kids love the floor-to-ceiling coral reef and fish mural…and the waiting room filled with toys, room to play and a movie. Teeth are cleaned while kids lay on orange and white “surf board” beds with TV screens mounted on the ceiling for each patient’s enjoyment. Dental procedures are performed in “Turtle Hut” and “Dolphin Cove”.

Any day at the beach is a great day…and now is a great time to get those tiny teeth checked out. Dr. Khan says, “The tooth fairy has a very important job giving out rewards. But I know those tooth fairies need help. I have two kids and I understand the nervousness kids experience when going to the dentist–that’s why when you visit me, it’s like a day at the beach for kids and their parents!”

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