Katy Edition: Looking Past the Label: Bryan’s Story

Bryan was a ‘Student of the Year’ who won awards in Science, Math, and classroom leadership…but he was bullied, anxious, and unhappy. Kids with Asperger’s, Tourette’s, ADD and other issues deserve a safe place to bloom…and Bryan finally found his at Launch Academy.

Stephanie Meuth says, “My son Bryan has a neurological disorder called Tourette’s syndrome that manifests as a number of uncontrollable tics made worse by stress and pressure. He was diagnosed when he was eight years old and we began the difficult journey of finding a school that would accept Bryan for who he is.”

“Everyone at Launch Academy sees past the label to the person. Once these kids feel safe and accepted, they are able to learn. There’s an amazing sense of camaraderie among these young men. They know Launch is a safe haven. If a child needs an accommodation like a bottle of water, an exercise ball to sit on, or another unobtrusive way to burn off energy, it’s as acceptable as needing a pair of glasses to read the board. Richard’s goal is to get these kids the best preparation for life. They don’t sweat the small stuff and that allows the kids to focus on what really matters…their education!”

Richard Kelly and Lisha Vanar say, “We started our lawn business, Amazing Grass, so kids and young adults with educational differences could learn by doing…to be part of a team, to build stamina, and to achieve their goals. That was the first step on the road to Launch Academy, our school for kids ages 12-19 with developmental challenges. ” Launch offers a vocational program, as well as music and art, an accredited curriculum through Holt-McDougall and a unique college fast-track program. Richard says, “Teacher to student ratios of 1:5 in middle and high school help each individual student achieve unlimited growth and launch their true potential!”

Kids (ages 10-18) with developmental challenges can get an emotional and educational boost through Launch Academy’s Summer Teen Camp. Lisha says, “We’ll keep the mornings for academic review and self-study. In the afternoons we’ll do fun summer stuff like fishing, horse care, money management, gardening, pool parties, and surf lessons. I’ll never forget taking a student fishing for the first time…and being there when he caught his first fish! We want these kids to build confidence and friendships in a supportive environment with low ratios (1:5). They can blow off steam through physical activity, learn socialization, build academic skills and get the perfect blend of routine and flexibility. Sign-up is first-come, first-served with consideration given to current students…so secure your space today!”

Launch Academy
in Parkway United Methodist Church
5801 New Territory Blvd.
Sugar Land, Texas

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