Katy Edition: Reclaim Your Body, Reclaim Your Health at Ageless Med Spa

Let’s face it… motherhood DOES take a toll on your body. Loose and sagging skin, extra weight, uneven skin tone and texture, hormone imbalances and laxity of pelvic organs are all very common after childbirth. Each one evidence of the self-sacrifice that is motherhood. But sometimes the results can be more than you are willing to accept. With this in mind, Ageless Med Spa has put together a special package to turn back the hands of time with a Mommy Makeover! Our package includes in-office liposuction, tummy tuck and a vaginal rejuvenation all done in the comfort of our office using tumescent technique eliminating the need for general anesthesia.

Don’t need all of them? Then choose from any of our many other procedures and mix and match a program that’s right for you.

Choose an “O” Shot, and bring back the excitement you once enjoyed, or help claim the pleasure you’ve never had before. It is a non-surgical, all-natural procedure — and increases sensitivity while enhancing your sex drive.

Bothered by stretch marks or scars? Our skin tightening procedures are quick and painless and when combined with our platelet rich plasma (Vampire) are great for reducing many types of skin imperfections. Finally, a treatment for stretch marks that works!

Wish you could take fat away from one area and put it somewhere else? Well at Ageless you CAN with a combined lipo-sculpt and fat transfer. Reduce the waistline and augment your bust, buttocks or any other area you wish with your own, natural fat.

Ever wonder how the stars do it? Well the same procedure that took Hollywood by storm is now available to you. The Vampire Facelift infuses your skin with a concentrated form of its own, natural reparative cells filled with growth factors and stem cells to repair and rejuvenate with no down time. It is the same procedure used by athletes to accelerate healing after injuries.

Are your hormones getting the best of you? Then regain control with a hormone evaluation and get your life back.

Last but not least… we really do help you achieve your aesthetic goals “from head to toe.” Our Silhouette Face lift is minimally invasive, with no visible scars and done under a local anesthesia, in the comfort of Ageless Med Spa in just under an hour
Choose your Mommy Makeover package today and be among the first 30 people to schedule and pay only $6500!

Want to know more? Check out our website at www.agelessmedspakaty.com or call (281) 392-3700 to schedule a consultation to have your specific questions answered.

Make an impression they’ll remember with Ageless Med Spa!

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