KATY Edition – When You Want Kids…but Not Today

When You Want Kids…but Not Today
Katie Rice

Choosing the right contraception takes trial and error, just like finding the perfect pair of shoes. Dr. Quynh-Thu “Gigi” Doan, MD says, “There’s plenty of media hype and whispered stories about IUDs, but they can be a great choice for many women who want effective birth control without a long-term impact on fertility.”

“As your Ob/Gyn, I want to protect your fertility…and the IUD can be an excellent choice. Mirena, for example, provides birth control for five years, but it can be removed anytime. Once it’s removed, you can immediately try to get pregnant…it doesn’t linger in your system. If you’re waiting a year a or more to have a family, the IUD could give you the flexibility you need.”

“Understanding your lifestyle will help us decide whether the IUD makes sense for you. Remember, the IUD not only doesn’t prevent STDs, but if you get one while you have an IUD then it could cause infertility. It’s also a myth that only women who had already had a baby can use the IUD…it’s just not quite as comfortable for the initial insertion. I’ll place the IUD carefully and correctly to minimize risk.”

“There’s no perfect contraception…only the one that’s best for you. Some women can’t tolerate hormones…but they still have their fertility. The copper IUD Peraguard is 99 percent effective, provides birth control for ten years, and is completely hormone-free (the only other hormone-free option is condoms!).”

“If you’re completely done having children, tubal ligation can be done in-office in about ten minutes. Want a birth control option without a big commitment? The pill is easy to start and easy to stop. If a daily pill is a hassle…consider the Nuvaring. It releases hormones like the birth control pill, but you put it in once a month and take it out after three weeks.”

“Whether you’re working, going to school, or chasing kids at home, you shouldn’t feel like you have no choices in birth control. I have a couch in my office, and you’d be surprised at how much psychiatry goes on during patient consultations. Getting to know you and really talking about your life helps me provide you the best options!”

Dr. Quynh-Thu “Gigi” Doan, MD
777 South Fry Road, Suite 202
Katy, Texas 77450

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