What’s a Leonetti? The Godfather of Graphics

By UpClose Publisher Gina Pizzini

Being from an Italian family myself, I know all too well that what you often have is bigger than life characters. I had an Uncle Pinky, (meaning he was the youngest of 10 children), Uncle Chino (meaning he had curly hair ), Uncle Millo (meaning unknown), or the one that Italians call The Godfather.

Sometimes you only know a person by their name and their reputation. Don Leonetti’s wife, Jennifer, had called me at one point to do an article on him for the successful men in business as a surprise to him. I deeply regret we did not ever connect to get that accomplished. Now he’s not with us anymore. Somehow our paths did not cross, but he reached out to many young people in our community…and that made a deep impression on me. You see, I was telling some college kids about the death of a prominent figure in our community, a Mr Leonetti who owns a graphics company. At that point they looked at me in disbelief, shaking their heads, and said, “What? No, wait…wait! You’re not talking about Don are you?” They knew him from an organization called Young Life. As Young Life leaders, Don and his wife Jennifer had logged many hours with kids — where they are, as they are. They listened to their stories and learned what was important to them, because this amazing couple genuinely cared about their joys, triumphs, heartaches and setbacks.

As a parent, I know many youth in this community need a place to hang out and be safe, a place where they can build a love-filled, life-long relationships with others as well as God. I was always surprised and pleased to hear my son at fifteen, sixteen, and seventeen years old, ask, “Can I go to Young Life with my friends?” Especially when he turned a age that he could drive himself anywhere to do anything…knowing he was going to a church-based, value-centered activity filled me with peace.

A name is more than the word you call somebody or the name of a business. Leonetti is a name that means generosity, selflessness, and love. I would like to take this opportunity to ask the community to continue to support the Leonetti family in their business. They not only did business here but gave back in spades. We are fortunate to have Leonetti Graphics and the Leonetti family in our community…and the best way to show our appreciation is by supporting them through this difficult time. I know personally what it takes to build a business and keep it going. While the loss is so great we don’t want their family to lose what they built through hard work sweat and tears too. The difference they selflessly made in the lives of young people and our community has made a brighter future for us all. So for that I would like to say thank you.

So stop on by Leonetti Graphics in Missouri City Don’s sister Jo Ann Leonetti who has worked side by side with her brother is there to take care of you. Let’s show our support.

3635 Glenn Lakes Ln, Missouri City, TX 77459 (281) 499-4959

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