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When John Onofrey got out of the Marines back in 1981, he moved to Sugar Land, where he met his wife, Trudy. Today they have two kids, a married daughter Courtney and a son Sam currently at Texas Tech. As co-owner of BUGCO Pest Control (www.bugco.org) and owner of a home inspection business (www.texasinspectors.net), John says, “I decided to do business with Classic Chevrolet Sugar Land because of my father-in-law RC Brown. He told me ‘Those are the guys you need to see.’ Since then I’ve bought five fleet vehicles for my business from Classic Chevy Sugar Land and I couldn’t be more pleased. Every single transaction has been easy and pleasant. They also service our vehicles and they’ve got a great team!”

“When my partner Chris Millward and I were thinking about building the BUGCO fleet, I approached Mark Kolon, General Sales Manager at Classic Chevy Sugar Land and then I talked with Don Kerstetter, the owner. Since we planned to buy all our vehicles from Classic Chevy Sugar Land, they offered us the opportunity to demonstrate the quality of our pest control service. Since then, we’ve done all the pest control for Classic Chevy Sugar Land and some personal work for Don at his residence. I think it boils down to a shared philosophy: Don and I both believe in treating people fairly, providing excellent service, and doing business with people who support our local community.”

“Whether you’re dealing with cars or pest control or home inspections..everything depends on customer confidence. At BUGCO, our team arrives well-groomed, wearing uniforms, and in company vehicles with our logo on them. Those vehicles are crucial to our business, and we trust them to Classic Chevy Sugar Land. As a home inspector, I tell folks that a ‘good builder’ is one who steps up and corrects any problems, because nothing is ever perfect. Classic Chevy Sugar Land has never failed to address any issue promptly and to our complete satisfaction. When we grow the BUGCO fleet, we’ll depend on Classic Chevy Sugar Land every step of the way.”

“Years ago I took my brother to the dealership that used to stand on the corner of 90A and 59 and we were practically assaulted by salespeople. It was almost frightening. I didn’t go back until Don moved in with Classic Chevy Sugar Land. I’ve always had excellent service from the moment I walked onto the lot through every service trip. In fact, after we bought our first company vehicle from Classic Chevy Sugar Land, my wife Trudy bought a Tahoe from them, I bought my son Sam a Silverado truck, and I purchased a pickup truck for myself…and we’re all completely happy. I trust Classic Chevy Sugar Land professionally and personally!”

Classic Chevrolet Sugar Land

Bring your Spicy, Specialty, Texas, or Bean to the 5th Annual Classic Chevy Sugar Land Chili Challenge on May 7, 2015 from 4-8pm for a chance to win cash, trophies, and bragging rights. Teams need to submit the $50 entry fee per category or tent space. Register in advance by calling Classic Chevy Sugar Land at 281-969-4132 or emailing Patty Werner pwerner@classicchevysugarland.com.

Classic ChevrolClassic Chili Challenge 2015 logoset Sugar Land
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