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The plastic and reconstructive surgeons of Institute for Reconstructive Surgery are dedicated to helping patients restore form and function lost to trauma, cancer, disease and congenital differences. Their goal is for patients to enjoy the moments in life that have nothing to do with the trauma that brought them into the office. They aim to minimize the physical remembrances of what happened, so that patients can move on with their lives.

Institute for Reconstructive Surgery was started in 2005 with four surgeons. Today, that roster has grown to 15 with six office locations serving the Greater Houston area. These doctors are performing complex reconstructive surgeries to achieve best possible outcomes. “The product that our group is creating is excellence, and people would be amazed as to what is possible from a reconstructive standpoint,” remarks Dr. Jeffrey D. Friedman. “Frequently, patients and physicians have no idea as to the realities of contemporary reconstructive surgery – How do you make a functional body part work again (such as the face, arm, leg)?”

Featured on Larry King Live and Oprah, Dr. Eugene Alford used advanced techniques to restore the face of the domestic gun violence victim famously referred to as the “woman without a face.” Dr. Anthony Echo and Dr. Steven Gordon are widely known for treating amputees suffering from phantom limb pain by rerouting the nerves into major muscle groups. A complex scalp and skull transplant was performed by Dr. Michael J.A. Klebuc and a team of specialized surgeons. For breast cancer patients, the team at Institute for Reconstructive Surgery restores form, function, and sensation. Whether a patient has a breast cancer diagnosis or a BRCA mutation, there are many options available. Advanced nerve transfer procedures are being used to restore movement of those affected by facial paralysis. Other specialties include extremity reconstruction and restoration, pelvic and genitourinary reconstruction, and nerve and sports injury restoration.

This is Medical Center-quality care right here at home. Patients are cared for the moment they call into the practice with personalized care. “We don’t have a phone tree,” says Dr. Friedman. “Anytime patients call, they will reach a human being and can be seen in a relatively short period of time. If you call here, the answer is always, ‘Yes, and if the condition requires it, we can see you tomorrow.’ The department staffs experienced billers in each office to help navigate the nuances of your insurance for you. As always, we collaborate with your care team so that no one step compromises another. Just know that you have options.”

Take charge of your healthcare. Get in touch with the highly trained surgeons at the Institute for Reconstructive Surgery by calling 713-441-6100.

Institute for Reconstructive Surgery


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