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BugCo and Top2Bottom InspectionsFood establishments in and around our fabulous community must adhere to strict building codes and inspections. One requirement of all establishments is regular pest control/extermination.

EinStein’s Pub on Mason Road has been open for 20 years. “We just had bad luck with pest control companies for about the first 15 years,” says owner Kristin Megan. “Several companies told us they needed to come every two weeks. We really felt like we were being taken advantage of. Then we found BUGCO about five years ago, and we’ve been with them ever since!”

BUGCO is locally owned by John Onofrey. He founded the company with his longtime friend and partner, Chris Millward. “We’ve always worked with Chris,” continues Kristin, “and it has been an amazing difference! BUGCO comes out once a month and we no longer feel like we are being ripped off. We’ve never seen anyone so reliable. They work around our schedule, coming in when the business is closed. They are nice, friendly, and professional, and the service they provide is effective. The difference between BUGCO and some of the other services we tried is amazing to me…we just trust them. Chris has also taken care of a wasp and yellowjacket problem at my mom’s country home. He managed to move all of the pests away from her house.”

“Ein Stein” means “one stein.” Coupled with the appealing image of Albert Einstein, EinStein’s Pub is your eccentric local watering hole to grab a stein (or two!) with friends. And with weekly live music from some of the best local bands, DJs & VJs, happy hour drink specials, trivia, darts, pool, Golden Tee Live, and a large selection of food and draft beer, there’s something for everyone. “We’re a family-owned business and a lot of our staff have been with us for more than 15 years,” says Kristin. “We carry 26 beers on draft and take a lot of pride in keeping our gaming machines maintained. We have some of the best pinball machines around!”

As Kristin and EinStein’s Pub found out, BUGCO Pest Control has an outstanding reputation for attention to detail in the Greater Houston Area. “We realize that business owners want this required and necessary service performed discreetly,” says BUGCO partner Chris Millward. “And we also realize good commercial pest control providers are hard to come by. Here at BUGCO we vow to do whatever it takes to satisfy your needs. It’s the reason so many of our business clients and residential clients have relied on us for years!”

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