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When Janice first heard that Hurricane Harvey was barreling toward the Texas coast, she assumed it would be a high-wind, high-water event. But nothing prepared her for the sheer devastation that followed. Within a matter of hours, most of her neighbors only two blocks away were stranded on their roofs, frightened, heartbroken, waiting to be rescued. Janice and her family waded their way to drier ground until Janice’s brother-in-law was able to retrieve them in his four-wheel truck. For hours, all she did was make phone calls and organize rescue efforts for her friends and neighbors. When the water receded, Janice helped clean out the debris in homes that had been devastated by Harvey. She kept at it until the mold made her too sick to get out of bed.

The real surprise was how long it took her own house to drain. By the time she got back in there, every stick of furniture on the first floor was ruined. Janice and her family began the long arduous process of getting their lives back together. And although her air conditioner had flooded, it seemed dry enough now. She was actually on her way to turn it on when one of the neighbors she’d helped told her that once an air conditioner had flooded, it was dangerous to turn on. He recommended—correctly—to have the unit inspected.

Brian Jackson and his crew at Jackson Air and Heat are offering FREE air conditioner inspections to areas that have flooded. As a long time resident of the Fort Bend area, Brian feels how necessary it is to do everything he can to ensure that Fort Bend residents are safe. “If you suspect your air conditioner was flooded, do not turn it on,” urges Brian. “Call us first and let us do a free thorough inspection before you accidentally do more damage or put yourself in possible danger. If there’s a problem, we will find it. We’ve been serving the Fort Bend/Houston area since 1982 and have seen firsthand the kind of devastation water brings.”

If your air conditioner needs replacing, Brian’s got you covered. “We could carry any brand of air conditioner,” explains Brian. “But we choose Trane and highly recommend the Trane XV20i with TruComfort® Technology. In fact, we are Sugar Land’s oldest independent Trane dealer, which really tells you just how efficient, effective and cost-saving these systems are at keeping every room in the house air conditioned—without hot spots or high energy bills.”

“Right now, Trane is offering your choice of 0% financing or instant rebate. At Jackson Air and Heat, we are committed to giving you the best air conditioning/heating equipment and the best professional installation with a 100% money back guarantee.”

Stay strong Fort Bend! And call Jackson Air and Heat for your free inspection today.
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