Not Terrible at All… Just FUN!

Local mom Norma Rivera knows a thing or two about kids being terrified of the dentist. “When my oldest, Daniel (now 15) was little, he had a very bad experience when getting some work done on his teeth. So bad…that he didn’t want to ever go back. He cried at the very mention of the word ‘dentist.’”

Norma shopped around, even visited with another pediatric dentist. “I was not convinced,” says Norma. “So I kept looking.” She spotted an ad for Dr. Bianca Sanchez at Little People’s Dentistry. She thought the concept looked awesome…a dentist office that put an emphasis on “having fun.” “I took Daniel and his little brother Nathan. Naturally, Daniel was apprehensive at first. But his next visit was a totally different experience…he was excited to go!”

Little Peoples Dentistry
What was different? “The way they interact with the child,” says Norma. “Every child is scared in a new situation, and Dr. Sanchez and her staff made sure Daniel knew exactly what was going on. They made him feel calm and secure.”

Little Peoples DentistryNorma hasn’t experienced any issues taking her kids to the dentist since. In fact, her youngest, Rebeca, has never known another dentist. “My favorite thing,” says seven-year-old Rebeca, “is how they work on your teeth and then give you prizes at the end. I love going there!”

A mom herself, Dr. Sanchez understands the possible anxiety in taking your child to the dentist. “Fear of the unknown is really not that unusual, and as we did for Daniel, we always first strive to gain the trust of your child. But if you’ve been delaying the dentist because you can’t bear the thought of ‘putting your child through that’…fear no more! I promise that at Little People’s Dentistry, we’re all about the fun! We clean teeth with tools like Mr. Whistle, Mr. Bumpy, and Mr. Thirsty and hand out goodie bags and tokens for prizes and games. Our kiddos love our coloring contest and the chance to win big prizes, and our teens love the video games and Netflix. We have so much fun…you might have trouble getting your child to leave!”

Little People’s Dentistry
Taking the Pain Out of Taking Teens to the Dentist
“Because Kidz Are People, Too.”
4706 Riverstone Blvd., Suite 200 (behind Kohl’s in Riverstone)


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