Nothing is Impossible!

by Sarah’s journey

“If I can turn my life around,” says nineteen-year-old Sarah Banks, “so can you! I’ve always been a heavy girl, someone who ate because of stress, or boredom, or any bad feelings. I was a competitive swimmer for thirteen years, until I got derailed by injuries. I kept swimming after the first surgery on my knee, but after the fourth on my shoulder I couldn’t train anymore. It was such a setback…and my weight went up even more. I really wanted a fresh start and I’d tried just about every diet out there. Even if I succeeded in losing weight, I knew I’d still have saggy skin and stretch marks. I started researching surgical options and found a video of Dr. Ahmadi talking about his procedure, the Lipotuck™ .”

“When I heard that the Lipotuck™combines a tummy tuck and liposuction in a single procedure, it seemed like the perfect answer. I talked to my parents, but they were really hesitant. Months later when they offered to buy me a new car and I said, “I’d rather see Dr. Ahmadi” they finally understood how serious I was.”

“My mom agreed to go with me to the initial consultation, but Dr. Ahmadi really only talked with me. He told me about the risks and what the the Lipotuck™ could do for me. Then he said that if I didn’t change my lifestyle, the Lipotuck™ wouldn’t last. Dr. Ahmadi told me that before he performed the procedure on me, he’d need to see effort on my part…I’d have to lose twenty pounds. I said, “That’s impossible!” I’d tried to lose weight before…and it hadn’t worked. Dr. Ahmadi told me that if I put my mind to it, he knew I could make the changes I needed. I promised to do it, and we set a date that gave me enough time.”

“I did the research on how many calories a day I could eat, wrote everything down in a food journal, and started walking and going to the gym. I lost over twenty-five pounds my own way without cutting out the foods I love..and I’m still losing!”

“Dr. Ahmadi was really impressed with my results. He and everyone at his office are so nice and supportive. Now after the Lipotuck™ I’m even more inspired and motivated to make healthy choices. Dr. Ahmadi gave me the inspiration and the confidence to go after my goals…and I’m still going strong.”

“Living a healthy life and feeling good about myself has made my energy go up! I was so physically tired my whole life, and being teased about my weight made me withdrawn and shy. Now I’m much more outgoing and talkative. I wear shirts that show my stomach and I feel great about my figure. My friends were worried when I told them about the procedure, but they say I’m much more bubbly and confident now. My dad actually says it’s the best money he ever spent on me!”

Sarah’s mom Susan says, “Dr. Ahmadi treated Sarah with respect and put the responsibility for the decision on her shoulders. I’m so proud of the way she rose to the challenge and all the hard work she’s done. She’s so strong and she really has changed her entire life!”

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