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You can’t reach your destination unless you plan your route. Danny Posey, the General Manager for Audi Central Houston says, “Our EVP Jeff Dyke told me that he believed that our store here in Houston would be the number one Audi Dealership in the Nation…then in the world. He said, ‘We spent 28 million creating a beautiful facility to take care of our customers, but unless it has heart, it’s just brick and mortar.’ That’s a lesson all of us at Audi Central Houston have taken as our mission: We have a beautiful facility and we sell unsurpassed vehicles, but it’s the people —our customers and associates —that make us truly exceptional!”

Audi Central Houston

As the largest Audi Dealership in the country, you can find the number one Audi Salesperson in the country, Yuri Poshumensky at Audi Central Houston…but they consider what happens after the sale just as critically important. General Sales Manager Gerald Cardenas says, “More people are coming to Audi than ever before and we want to show the world why. Our vehicles offer the perfect balance of performance, ride quality and superb engineering.”

Audi Central Houston

Knowing your personal history and the road that’s been traveled makes all the difference whether the team at Audi Central Houston is considering a car or its potential driver. Robert Wood, Pre-owned Manager, says “When we are walking around a pre-owned car, we ask ourselves what it needs to find a new owner. Who is the person who will buy it? What is important to them? What will they use it for? It’s not about the sale, it’s always about the customer.”

Audi Central Houston

Danny agrees. “We look past cars —new or pre-owned —to the people who will drive them. We have pre-owned vehicles priced from $5000 to new Audi’s at over a quarter million…and every buyer is equally valuable to us. We cater to a wide range of clientele. In fact, Audi also has a Foreign Business Professional Program that’s very popular here in our international city! It allows clients just arriving to the area on work visas, to be able to drive an Audi (and who wouldn’t want to do that)!”

Audi is known around the world, but Audi Central Houston is your hometown Audi dealer. Danny says, “Gerald and I live and raise our families here in Sugar Land. Both of our wives are local realtors and our oldest daughters graduated from Clements and Foster high schools. We absolutely love Sugar Land and its cultural diversity…it truly represents our modern world and that’s why we call it home. Audi Central Houston supports a range of community causes from local Fort Bend schools, athletic programs, and many nonprofits. In fact, last year our store invested $350,000 in the greater community and we frequently host charity events at our dealership.”

Before you step into Audi Central Houston, know that the entire team has been walking the floor, preparing every detail for your arrival. Danny says, “We’re excited to welcome you into our home. We want your experience to be comfortable, easy, and welcoming…so that our home becomes yours as well!”

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