Remodeling…It Doesn’t Have to be Overwhelming!


ReModelistaWhen Laurie Minard decided to remodel her kitchen, she was overwhelmed with the process, so she hired a contractor. However, Laurie would soon learn that not all contractors are created equal. “The contractor I hired was vague, and did not offer me options. Plus, I had to run around town and choose materials without guidance. The process was crazy because there were so many choices, and I was unsure where to start, much less what materials would work well with my ideas and most importantly, my budget.” The remodel process was not easy for Laurie, and she told me that she felt misinformed and worse, alone.

When it came time to remodel Laurie’s master bathroom, she did some research and spoke to friends. Laurie was happily referred to Teri Gilberg, better known as the Re-Modelista.

“I talked with Teri about my ideas, and together we created a plan. Teri even came with me to pick out the materials!” Laurie went on to tell me that Teri, the Re-Modelista, “is extremely knowledgeable about what can work best in different areas. She helped me make practical decisions that still fit into my overall design. Teri helped me make educated decisions and taught me the difference between onyx and marble countertops because Onyx is less likely to crack.” “Teri walked me through the entire process and was always available. We were even able to add drawers to the vanity because, as Teri taught me, drawers are more functional than cabinets.” “The bottom line is that the Re- Modelista made the entire re modeling process smooth and stress free. Teri checked in often,” continues Laurie. “And her contractor was extremely organized and always prompt. They were both great!”

“I love, love my new re-modeled master bathroom,” Laurie confirms with a smile, “and I also love my newly stoned fireplace, a little add-on project that I slipped in under my husband’s radar while I still had the Re-Modelista at my house.” Laurie finished with this, “Teri is so helpful, and just makes remodeling easy. I’ve already recommended her to several of my friends!”

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