Ride Into Summer

by Amy Sharp

It’s summer and it’s time to ride! Bikes, boats, Harleys, tubes…everyone loves to ride to stay cool during these hot months. But you shouldn’t ride the waves inside your house…water belongs in your pipes, not on your floor or pooling in your yard!

Luckily, you can ride into summer with confidence thanks to Alan’s Plumbing. Master plumber, Alan Burkhalter and his crew have been offering quality plumbing service to the families of Fort Bend for over fifteen years. They’ve built a reputation on excellent workmanship, punctuality, and reasonable rates.

Of course, a great reputation isn’t built overnight…it’s based on a history of doing things right. Alan’s Plumbing is a family business where great worth ethics and values are the way of life. Along with with Alan’s brother Chris, his sons Beau, Luke and Jake have followed in Dad’s footsteps. All three of Alan’s boys have been riding the truck along with their dad since they were eight or nine years old. Today, Beau and Luke have a journeyman’s license and work for their father full time running their own truck. Jake earned his apprentice plumber’s license early on and is helping the family business out again this summer while he’s on break from Texas State University. When you call in, Alan’s wife and the boys’ mom, Jennifer answers the phone. And with the recent addition of skilled plumber Kyle, this is a crew that’s always friendly, polite, and gets it done right.

Everyone wants a carefree summer, so if there’s water where there is not supposed to be––like a running toilet, a leaky tap, a dripping faucet, or a damaged pipe––don’t wait to call Alan’s Plumbing. Taking care of a little problem keeps it from becoming a big one, saving you money and trouble down the line…and giving you more time and money to enjoy your ride of choice this summer!

Going on a road trip? Before you leave town, set your water heater on “vacation mode” to conserve energy…but don’t turn off the water to your house. If you do that you could get junk in your pipes and have to call Alan’s team to unclog your ballcock and flapper. Remember to give your neighbor your spare key…and the number for Alan’s Plumbing at 281-261-1064.

The family at Alan’s Plumbing wishes your family a safe and happy 4th of July. Enjoy!

Alan’s Plumbing
License M-18995

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