The Right Words at the Right Time

by Stacey Eskelin

Nothing in life prepares you for the overwhelming love, tenderness, and protective concern you have for your child. Their smiles are a song in your heart, and their hardships keep you up at night, sleepless with worry. So when parental instinct tells you that your child may not be hitting all of his or her communication milestones, the time to seek a professional opinion is now. Right now.

Experts in the field of speech pathology all agree that early intervention is the key to success.
Dana and Jason Johnson started Speech Therapy Unlimited for the express purpose of matching your child’s strengths, needs, gender and personality with one of their highly skilled therapists. “We learned that all too often,” Dana explains, “parents were being told that a child needed specialized help, yet in the same breath they were warned that help might not be available to them for six to nine months. Jason and I are heartbroken when we hear that. That’s why a founding principle of Speech Therapy Unlimited is NO WAITING! We have a completely unique approach to teaching your child to speak. Our hand-picked therapists specialize in adults, pediatrics, even accent modification…and we can find an opening for your child right now!”

Jason is quick to point out, “Families can’t afford to wait for their ship to come in. Our mission is simple…to provide speech therapy with no waiting list and to ensure success by using a therapy model that turns traditional therapy on its head. You’re welcome to sit in on the therapy. If you feel that you might be a distraction and your child does better when you’re not there, that’s fine, too. We respect your opinion. In fact, Dana and I conduct random audits of caseloads and take parental surveys to identify what works and what doesn’t.”

Dana and Jason have four kids of their own, so they understand that you want the best therapy for your child as soon as possible. They say, “At Speech Therapy Unlimited, we work with you to give your child limitless opportunity through effective, fun speech therapy…with no wait!”

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