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Ulises BaltazarTwenty-five percent of men suffer from varicose veins. Irving Reval and his wife Donna have been married fifty-four years, and they stick together through thick and thin. One night, as Irving was pulling up the bedsheets, he says “I felt something go wrong. I’ve had varicose veins in my right leg with several big bumps, protuberances above and beside my knee. When I put the light on, one of those bumps had gone red on top. ‘That’s it,’ I told my wife, ‘I’m calling Dr. Baltazar.’”

“I’d seen him in UpClose Magazine, and my family physician recommended him, too. During my appointment, I asked Dr. Baltazar if he’d ever seen anything worse than my leg…and he said just a couple of times. In addition to the stuff above and around my knee, things were bad in my calf and my foot had gone absolutely black. Things were complicated enough that he broke it into two. The first treatment he did was from the groin to the knee with a laser. He made it very easy and put me at ease. The morning after the laser treatment I checked into Methodist Hospital and he did a three hour surgery on the lower half of my leg. When it was all over he came out and told my wife, Donna, ‘Rocky’s doing fine.’ She asked him, ‘Rocky?’ He’d found calcified blood clots all through that leg like he’d never seen before. He told Donna I was lucky and strong to have all this work done. She calls Dr. Baltazar an angel!”

“Not every doctor is a vascular surgeon with the skill to handle complicated cases…and a great personality too. Dr. Baltazar is one-of-a-kind! While he was doing the laser, we talked about our families. His oldest daughter’s going to be a senior in high school and he’s taking time off to drive her around and look at colleges. Our neighbor used to work at the hospital and she praised Dr. Baltazar up and down. During one visit, Dr. Baltazar was unwrapping my leg when he looked up at Donna and said, ‘You have the prettiest blue eyes.’ He really connects with his patients and their families.”

“Sonia and Kelsey in his office are both wonderful. Any problems you have, they have answers. Once it took Donna and I over an hour to get my compression stocking on, but they told us about a silicone gel that makes it a snap. I still get teased about my ‘pretty stockings’ by the guys at the donut shop, but it’s great to be out golfing and walking Eldridge Park again.”

“When I saw Dr. Baltazar at my last appointment, I asked him for “before and after” pictures. Not only did he give me those, he included one of the veins he removed…and joked that we should make it our next Christmas card. Thank goodness I got treatment. Seeing the pictures of the work he did just drives it home…the man’s a miracle worker!”

Ulises Baltazar MD, RVT, FACS
now affiliated with the renowned Methodist Cardiovascular Surgery Associates
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