My Son Sam’s Story

Freedom from Stress, Bullying, Drama, Busywork, Crowds, Anxiety, Boredom

“My son Sam struggled with social issues and anxiety at public school,” says Patti Sedita, “and it affected his schoolwork and his spirit. We had friends at KnILE Academy, so we brought Sam there. He’s always been a high academic achiever, and he was thrilled when the intial assessment revealed he’d mastered 8th grade history. When he enrolled at KnILE in February, he began with 9th grade history…and he’s now completed that coursework as well.”

“After his first week Sam said he loved the freedom of working without worrying about a thousand other people. We’ve seen him go back to the sweet, anxiety-free guy we’d known before. There’s a real camaraderie across the age groups at KnILE. Sam plays chess during lunch with a senior and has shared interest in computer games with some of the younger students. In May the whole school put on a mock trial and everyone was able to play a role as the jury, lawyers, judge, or defendant. No one is left out…and the intimate atmosphere means that conflict is mediated and resolved, not just left for the kids to struggle through on their own.”

“At KnILE, kids can arrange their own desks, use headphones, snack when they want, and there’s always soft music playing. Since Sam can focus at school without getting bogged down in busywork or social issues, usually there’s no homework. My fifth grader, Jack, is extremely social, but needs extra work in math. He’ll start at KnILE in the fall…and is quite excited about having free time after school for sports and just being a kid. KnILE has been so liberating for us as a family!”

“We are accepting enrollment in 3rd – 12th grades for the fall in KnILE Prep Academy,” says Betsy de Vega, founder of KnILE Center. “Look for news about our upcoming Grand Expansion…we are excited about the future!”

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Betsy de Vega
KnILE Center, LLC
KnILE Prep Academy


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