Stop Holiday Plumbing Stress

by Amy Sharp

The food is prepped, the guest linens are fresh and the house is spotless. It’s been stressful, but you are sure you’ve planned the perfect holiday for your family and guests. But do you realize how stressful the holidays are for your plumbing?

Serving the residents of Fort Bend County for more than 15 years, Alan’s Plumbing is a family-owned and operated business that really cares about their customers…and they want each and every one of them to have a wonderful holiday. Alan Burkhalter, his brother Chris Burkhalter, Alan’s sons Luke and Beau, and fellow-plumber Zach shared some tips on reducing holiday plumbing stress.

There is a lot of food preparation going on this time of year, but your garbage disposal is not a magic hole where every scrap and peel will just disappear. You are better off tossing the waste and excess in the garbage or finally starting that compost pile…as disposals are just not designed to handle large volumes of food. And of course, grease, bones, potato peels, onion skins and eggshells are always a no, no…no matter the time of year!

Extra friends and family in the house means extra traffic through your bathroom…and an extra burden for your toilet. Be sure to have wastebaskets close to the toilet to remind guests that not all garbage should be flushed. No one wants a clogged toilet during the party!

The hot water heater…extra people in the home means extra demand. You can turn your hot water heater up before guests arrive to increase its capacity (but not above 120 degrees!) And don’t forget to turn it back down after everyone leaves.

If you’re lucky enough to be the guest instead of the host this holiday season, take a few steps to protect your plumbing while you’re out of town. Remember to set your water heater to “vacation mode” to conserve energy…but don’t turn off the water to your house. If you do that you could get junk in your pipes and have to call Alan’s team to unclog your ballcock and flapper. Remember to give your neighbor your spare key and the number for Alan’s Plumbing 281-261-1064…just in case a plumbing emergency arises.

The family at Alan’s Plumbing wishes your family a very happy, relaxing Thanksgiving. Enjoy!


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