Stop the Madness. Stop the Stress!

by Sarah Warburton

What happened to that bright-eyed youngster who headed off eagerly to Kindergarten? Now your sulky child complains of headaches and stomachaches and doesn’t want to get out of bed. Brace yourself…school-based stress can get worse every year. Maybe it’s time to take a step back and think about a different approach to education.

“We follow your child’s needs instead of asking them to ‘get with the program,’” says Betsy de Vega, Learning Specialist and founder of KnILE Center. “At KnILE Prep Academy, students are challenged, not bored, and not overwhelmed. Our customized, technology-enhanced curriculum and cozy, supportive atmosphere helps kids relax, make better grades and score higher on the PSAT, SAT, and ACT…without the stress!”

“No child should feel like they can’t succeed or are just ‘no good’ at school,” says Betsy. “We offer an after-school boost through EduCoachNow. These one-on-one, after-school educational training sessions help children strengthen learning skills. After an initial evaluation at our main campus, we’ll coach children to correct the root of the problem…instead of treating the symptom. Call to reserve your spot for summer and bring your child for brain training at either of our campuses, our Sugar Land location or our new Missouri City satellite located inside the Athletic and Performing Arts Center on 7746 Highway 6. Help your child build confidence and beat stress!”

This summer your child can rekindle the fire and “Discover Treasures in Learning” with KnILE summer camps, 4-day learning adventures for grades K-5 with the option of mornings, afternoons, or full day from 9-3. On “A Pirate’s Adventure” from June 9-12, 2014, brave buccaneers will build focus, improve memory, and strengthen critical thinking…while exploring science, art, math and reading. Knights and princesses can gather for “A Royal Adventure” from July 7—10, 2014.

“At KnILE, we’re passionate about stress-free education,” says Betsy. “We love to see children get excited about learning through EduCoachNow, our summer camps, and KnILE Prep Academy (now accepting enrollment for the 2014-15 school year). Our call to adventure is: Educate, Empower, Succeed!

Betsy de Vega
KnILE Center, LLC
KnILE Prep Academy
245 Gonyo Lane
Richmond, TX 77469

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