Why Supporting a Local Business Makes Classic Good Sense

by Sarah Warburton

Speaking practically, when you choose a local business, you don’t have to travel as far to make your purchase and when you need service or warranty work done, you’ve got that hometown relationship already in place. But there are even bigger reasons to buy local. When you buy local, you make our neighborhoods, schools, and city stronger. Don Kerstetter of Classic Chevrolet says, “We’ve also been an active supporter of local charities from elementary and high schools to sports teams to food banks. The great relationship we’ve built with this community and our friendly, dependable service make us a Classic!”

Several studies have shown that every dollar you spend at a locally-owned business returns five times that amount to our community. Your support helps create jobs and your tax dollars go right back into our roads, schools, and parks. Why would you want those dollars to go to some other state or some other far-off country? Don says, “At Classic Chevrolet we went from zero employees in January of 2009 to more than two hundred today and most live and do their shopping right here in Fort Bend. We are your friends and your neighbors…and we’ll treat you right!”

Because the folks at Classic Chevy are part of our community, they do their part to make our city a better place. Don says, “Many of us are parents, so we actively support local schools and sports teams. Being a good neighbor means reaching out a helping hand whenever we can…to support causes including literacy, food banks, our local law enforcement, shelters, and other organizations that make our world a better place.” The 2014 Classic Chevy Chili Challenge raised $20,000 for the Sugar Land Police Officer’s Association…$7,000 more than last year! This year alone, Classic has supported the Arc of Fort Bend, the Sugar Land Police Officer’s Association, the Fort Bend Literacy Council, the Fort Bend Woman’s Shelter, the Fort Bend Hispanic Heritage Forum, the Sugar Land Rotary and the Exchange Club of Sugar Land…and more.

“We use the word ‘community’ a lot,” says Don. “It means more than your address or your location on Google maps. Here in Fort Bend we share the kind of local community that means fellowship and working together towards common goals. All of us at Classic Chevy feel engaged and connected to all of you….that’s why we’re so involved in getting out into the community and giving back. If you drop by our showroom or service center, I think you’ll see how much we care. We love cars…but our first priority is always the people who drive them!”

Classic Chevrolet Sugar Land
13115 Southwest Freeway,
Sugar Land, TX 77478
Sales: (866) 498-5485
Service: (866) 500-1660

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