Surviving Allergy Season

by Sarah Warburton

Are you looking forward to the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo…or does the very thought of it leave you sneezing and congested? Dr. Anh Doan of Missouri City’s Vision Source says, “The first step to relief is getting the right diagnosis. You’d see a doctor for a cough…and you should see an optometrist for red, itchy, or uncomfortable eyes!”

Have you ever talked with an optometrist about your allergies? According to the numbers, 70% percent of allergy sufferers use oral medications; 56% use nasal sprays; 18% rely on inhalants, but only 9% use eye drops. “That’s a mistake!” says Dr. Doan. “Perpetually irritated eyes are not only an inconvenience, they also make your eyes more prone to infection. The right ocular medication like antihistamines or mast cell stabilizers may reduce symptoms.”

Whoa there. Don’t just grab the first bottle of eyedrops you see off the shelf. Self-medicating may be hazardous to your health! Your first step should be a visit to Dr. Doan for a diagnosis to rule out an infection like “pink eye.” Only antibiotics will fix an infection and antihistamine allergy medication can make dry eyes worse! Even if it is allergies, certain OTC drops can discolor or damage certain lenses…or cause side effects like stinging or redness.

You may think there’s no way at all you could give up your glasses for contact lenses. Dr. Doan says, “We might consider switching to another type, like daily disposable contact lenses, which are discarded nightly. Since you’ll replace your lenses each day, irritating deposits don’t build up and make your allergy-related discomfort worse. We have contact lens choices for near and far sightedness, to correct astigmatism, for those needing bifocals and even for people with allergies or dry eyes. Don’t give up hope until you’ve talked with me.”

“When I do your exam,” says Dr. Doan, “tell me if you’ve been rubbing your eyes or tearing up. I’ve got a variety of medications that are longer-lasting and more effective. We can also tailor your eyewear to your situation. Your eyes are unique…so I’ll work to find the best way for you to see clearly!”

Dr. Anh Doan, O.D.
Vision Source!
4725 Highway 6 South

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