It Takes a Village…Speech Therapy that Works

by Amy Sharp

Seeking therapy for a loved one may be one of the most difficult decisions you’ve had to make. You want to get it right…and you want to see progress!

Dana and Jason Johnson, co-founders of Speech Therapy Unlimited in Sugar Land, have built a village of speech therapists. Dana says, “We have a large and diverse team. That gives us the luxury of considering skill sets, strengths, gender, and personality when fitting a client with a therapist. And we know the client/patient relationship must be continually evaluated and forward moving . You never want to see stagnation. That’s why Jason and I regularly meet with our team to review cases and evaluate progress. If something isn’t working, it is changed…and we have the entire team present to bounce ideas around and suggest a range of solutions. You might be working with one therapist, but you have the braintrust of the entire team!”

And this team is an educated village. Jason says, “Continuing education is important. We host in-office workshops so that our therapists can advance their training and keep abreast of new developments. From drills and flashcards, to the latest apps and technology, we want every tool at our disposal to provide the best possible therapy to our clients. And of course there is fun. We brainstorm something new, fresh and exciting each month. We’ve had ‘Music Month’ and we just wrapped up ‘August Art Festival,’ where our clients improved speech and language while celebrating their unique creativity!”

And an added bonus to having a large team on staff? No wait list! Dana says, “We know when you’ve made the decision to pursue therapy, you want to start now! And our team is ready. There’s no wait list, but you do have to move quickly to get your pick of appointment times. Call us for an assessment and we’ll get you started right away. I’m confident we will find the perfect client/therapist match for you or your loved one. We would love to have you in our village!”

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