Taking Your Audi Experience
into Second Gear

That’s Dustin Kime’s job! He’s the Audi Technologist at Audi Central Houston. Dustin says,“Audis are exceptional cars…they are born from intelligence and engineering. All of our associates are experts in the cars we sell, and they will certainly teach you about the technology associated with your new car at delivery. We call that ‘First Gear.’ During that phase, there’s so much excitement about buying a car that you focus on the big things. But once you settle in, we invite you to our ‘Second Gear’ or second delivery service. That’s what I do!”

As an Audi Technologist, Dustin has undergone a comprehensive Audi Dealership Technology training course and is an expert in all areas of the technology equipped in an Audi. His job during “Second Gear” is to ensure that you understand the features in your vehicle, so that they are easy to use during your driving experience. Dustin says, “You spend a lot of money on a new car, why not understand all that it is capable of? Some of the more complex, but cool functions include the Audi MMI (the Audi operating system), Advanced Key (our electronic access and authorization system), Audi Connect (in-car wifi), Night Vision, and the Audi Parking System. While complex, most are completely customizable…and I will help you learn about them and use them, free of charge. You can come back to the dealership, or I can come right to your driveway for second delivery…that way the whole family can participate and ask questions, and we can go ahead and get you set up to open your gates or garage doors right from your car!”

Dustin’s legacy is Audi. His father, the Audi Central Houston shop foreman, has been with Audi for more than 20 years. “I’ve crashed a couple of Audis myself,” says Dustin, “and I swear by them. In one of those instances, I credit the engineering and safety of the Audi with saving life. And when you believe in the product, it’s easy to be excited about your job! Each month, I average about 50 or 60 customers…new Audi owners that I help to really become familiar with their car…for free. And it’s free whether you buy new or certified pre-owned…a truly great service!”

Danny Posey, the General Manager for Audi Central Houston, says, “As your car dealer, we may not see you that often―just a few times a year―but we love striving to build a relationship with our clients. Our Audi Technologist “Second Gear” service is a part of that relationship. Once you better understand all the amazing technology in your car and the ways it can improve your everyday life…we’re sure you’ll fall in love with your new car all over again!”

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