Tears of Joy

Sugar Land native Kevin Tran spent 15 years working in the finance industry. Two years ago, Andrew Cheng invited Kevin to join Clutch City Insurance where the primary focus is Medicare. Andrew is Kevin’s childhood friend and the Principal at Clutch City Insurance.

“I’ll be honest,” says Kevin. “Andrew approached me a few times about this position, and my initial reaction was Medicare sounds confusing and boring. But Andrew had a plan. He wanted me to help grow Clutch City Insurance, and to focus on an underserved market. I’m second generation Vietnamese. I speak both Vietnamese and English fluently. I went in unsure, but I was sold after my first few cases. I had no idea how helpless people feel. Everyone that is 65 and older is eligible for Medicare. Some individuals have children that can help, and others do not. Either way, Medicare is confusing. I’m able to hold their hand and walk them through their issues and concerns. I help these families feel at ease; give them peace of mind. I’ve had so many meetings end in tears…tears of joy!”

Medicare consultations are free of charge. “Here at Clutch City Insurance,” continues Kevin, “Andrew brings a different style of teaching and learning. He engrains values, morals and ethics. Number one: We always do right by our clients. If we lose the sale, so be it. This is how I approach what I do, and I’ve received nothing but praise and referrals because of it.”

About to turn 65? Set up your free Medicare consultation with Clutch City Insurance. If you’re already enrolled in Medicare, give Kevin a call if you’re having trouble seeing the doctors you want to see, or you’re paying more than you think you should. “I’m here to help,” says Kevin. “No one should be shedding tears of despair when it comes to Medicare. Let’s turn them into happy tears!”

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