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Koko Fitclub Sugar LandWhen Veronica Malhiot’s physician, Dr. Liza Leal, suggested she find a small gym in her neighborhood, Veronica discovered Koko FitClub: the gym that uses technology to keep you accountable. “I just fell in love with the concept,” says Veronica. “It’s extremely motivating.”

“Every member has a Koko Key loaded with their personal plan. You put it in the machine and it tells you the next exercise, weight, how many reps, and keeps you on pace. Your workout modules are designed just for you—from strength to endurance to weight loss. After the workout, you’re graded on how you did. You rack up points that in turn move you through the different levels of lanyard colors, and there are rewards for perfect scores. Most importantly, each session is filled with great information from a personal trainer. Lots of encouragement and support.” Seeing both Veronica’s results and her enthusiasm, Veronica’s husband Mark, who both trains and teaches Jiu Jitsu, joined soon after. Today, Veronica and Mark co-own the Koko FitClub location right here in Sugar Land!

The concept started back in 2007. Mike Lannon (now CEO) was disappointed by the results both he and his wife were getting at a typical gym. After studying exercise science research regarding the importance of lean muscle mass and HIIT (high interval intensity training,) Mike started experimenting with marrying technology to fitness—he had the computer regulate pace, reps, progress…everything. And it worked! Mike’s wife dropped three sizes in three months. Today, driven by the now patented “Smartrainer” equipment, Koko FitClub has expanded to more than 30 states.

Mark says, “How many times have you paid for a gym membership, only to arrive and wander around not knowing what it was you were supposed to be doing. That doesn’t happen here. Our fitness modules are created by our Chief Fitness Officer, Michael Wood, whose unmatched credentials include former strength and conditioning coach at UCONN. You are assigned your own user friendly personal website where you can see your progress online and can even preview your upcoming workout so you know exactly what to expect when you get to the gym. It’s always 45 minutes or less…and when you get here, the touch screens and our staff are with you every step of the way. Your goals tangible…and everyone here has a personal interest in helping you meet those goals. You can check your progress on our FitCheck machine as often as you like!”

When you join Koko Fit, you become part of the Koko-Nut family. “We run little contests all the time…like ‘most perfect workouts in a month.’ Prizes range from t-shirts to Skeeters tickets. We take our Koko-Nuts outside the gym too. Join us for running or walking fun in the various 5Ks around Sugar Land!”

Ready for technology driven personal training? Koko FitClub Sugar Land is set to open later this month. Visit for a free guest pass!

Koko Fitclub Sugar LandKoko FitClub
18318 University Blvd., Sugar Land, TX 77479

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