Thank You for Our Smiles!

“Thank You for Our Smiles!”
Sarah Warburton

That’s what Veronica Ceballos’ two daughters want to tell Dr. Bianca Sanchez of Little People’s Dentistry this Thanksgiving. Veronica says, “My kids love going to Little People’s Dentistry. My oldest was thirteen when we started going there and she loved the cool floor and the surfboard counter. My youngest was seven and she was thrilled by the carnival game room. Dr. B. recognizes the girls at first glance and remembers all the little details about them.”

“When I was a kid, a dentist’s office was scary––cold, white, and medical. Little People’s Dentistry is not that way at all! The kids put on neon sunglasses for their exam, watch TV, and relax. My youngest is easily frightened…but not by Dr. B.! Now both girls are always asking when we can go back again!”

“We knew they would need braces…and Dr. B. let us know when it was time to get started on the process. My youngest is getting prepped for ortho work now. She has a very narrow upper and lower jaw, so she’s wearing expanders. I like knowing that the work later will be easier and quicker because of this!”

“My husband always tells the girls, “You don’t have to brush all your teeth, just the ones you want to keep.” Dr. B. motivates them to take care of their teeth and be thankful for their smiles. That’s why we’re so thankful for her!”

Dr. Sanchez says, “We’re thankful for all our patients and their families, too! We’d like to invite you to participate in our November contest. Write a little bit about what you’re thankful for (mom and dad can help the littlest ones) and bring it to us. We’ll enter you in a drawing for a Toys-R-Us gift certificate.”

Remember…your dental benefits and health savings account may be running out on January 1st. Dr. Sanchez says, “With so many changes going on in the world of health insurance, please use your benefits now, if you have them. We’re open more Fridays in November and are waving your deductible on treatment (if you have insurance). We want your kids to use every benefit they have for stronger, happier smiles…while there’s still time!”

Little People’s Dentistry “Because Kidz Are People, Too.”
4706 Riverstone Blvd., Suite 200 (behind Kohl’s in Riverstone)

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