The Best Presents for Speech Development

by Sarah Warburton

When you’re making your list and checking it twice, choose great gifts that also give your child’s language a boost! Husband and wife team Dana and Jason Johnson of Speech Therapy Unlimited say, “We believe speech therapy should be fun, effective, and be a part of your everyday life. Our therapists are always on the lookout for new ways to reinforce speech therapy…while having a blast!”

Let’s start with the obvious…toys, toys, toys! Games like “Apples to Apples” or Candyland help your child take turns, talk about the action as it’s happening, and work on sequencing. Cars, trains, and planes can be used to teach turn-taking, colors, numbers, verbs, and more. Baby dolls strengthen “pretend play” skills and can be used to teach body parts, clothing, action words (sleep, drink, eat, brush, sit, wash), and feelings (hungry, thirsty, sleepy, sad, happy, wet, dry, hot, cold). Dana says, “The important thing about all these toys is that they not only engage your child, but help your child engage with you. Speech in isolation isn’t our goal. We want to teach communication…and these toys can really help!”

One speech therapy tool that’s perfect for all ages just looks like a straight-up awesome present…the iPad. Jason says, “Even patients who can hardly speak can tap the iPad and it opens up a world of communication. There are new apps coming out everyday that reinforce speech therapy concepts like articulation, phonemes, memory, sequencing, grammar, vocabulary, and more. Ten years ago we were using paper flashcards and today we have tablet computers. Don’t be afraid that it’s all fun and games. The more fun speech therapy is…the more effective it can be!”

Give your child the gift of speech this year. Speech Therapy Unlimited offers free assessments and there’s no waiting for therapy services! With over twenty-five therapists with specialties in pediatrics, adults, and accent modification, you’ll be matched with a therapist based on skill set, gender, and personality. Dana and Jason say, “Whether you’re baking sugar cookies, working on a gingerbread house, or wrapping presents, every moment of the holidays is a time to celebrate speech!”

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