The Latest Design Trends

The Latest Design Trends

Sarah Warburton


A beautiful kitchen is the welcoming heart of a home. If you’ve been wondering how to choose counters, flooring and tiles that really express your style, All About Carpet and Floors is your one-stop-shop for thoughtful advice, quality products, and expert installation. They’ve been in business for over twenty years of kitchen styles…so we asked them to share the latest trends with us.

Choosing a kitchen floor used to be as simple as deciding between tile and linoleum…but today those two choices are just the tip of the iceberg! Renee says, “The flooring in today’s kitchens might be brick, cork, concrete, or wood. In fact, we’re seeing lots of homeowners who love wood for its warm, traditional look and its seamless flow for open floor plans. More than just oak or pine, we also love maple, cherry, Brazilian cherry and hickory. Today’s wood flooring is well-engineered and treated to be durable, easy-to-clean, and beautiful.”

“Granite is one of our favorites for countertops,” says Renee. “Plenty of people go for the luminous, polished ‘granite look,’ but it’s actually granite’s heat-resistance and extreme durability that make it such a great choice for the kitchen. Real granite is still absolutely the best choice for kitchens…and people are often surprised to find it’s more affordable than they thought it would be. Soapstone is a smooth, matte natural stone that comes in a hues ranging from soft grey to charcoal. It isn’t affected by acids, so spilled coffee or orange juice won’t leave a stain, and it is heat resistant. And Silestone Quartz countertops are not only beautiful…but they’re the only brand that contains a formula developed by Cosentino that uses the latest generation silver ions to prevent bacterial growth.”

“At All About Carpet, we love the design possibilities of tile,” says Shaun. “The use of stone mosaics is a growing trend among today’s kitchen tile ideas, especially because mosaic tiles immediately draw the eye and enhance the entire design of your kitchen. You can have them installed over every wall of the kitchen or in a few specific areas like over the stove or around the sink. And floor tiles can vary from wood looks made from porcelain to clean looking cement or colorful stone looks. A popular trend today is the use of larger rectangular tiles on the floor. If you want to make a statement with tiles, we can custom-create a design for you, use brightly colored tiles to outline a window or accent a nook, or create a beautiful backsplash.”

“We’ll design and install kitchens, bathrooms, and flooring in any room of your house,” say Renee, Shaun, and Steven McKelvey and Damian. “All About Carpet and Flooring is your one-stop-shop for tile, hardwood, laminate, countertops, and all the things that come together to make your house into a home. We promise personal attention, design advice, an easy-to-understand quote, and installation you can trust!”


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