‘Tis Not the Season for Nausea or Pain

Are your children nestled, all snug in the bed, but dancing visions of sugar plums are making them nauseous? Have you settled your brain for a long winter’s nap…with no intention of ever getting up because of the pain? “The holidays are not a fun time to be sick or in pain,” says Dr. Lance Campbell Pharm.D., R.Ph. at Campbell’s Compounding Pharmacy in Sugar Land. “You should be enjoying this special time with your family!”

With flu season in full swing, a lot of kids just don’t have rosy cheeks or a twinkle in their eye. Dr. Campbell says, “Relief from nausea is available. We can mix an anti-nausea cream that you rub on the inside of the wrist. It won’t make your children well, but it will make them more comfortable and help them keep down the liquids and medicine that will help them get better. This cream was really popular when the last 24-hour bug made the rounds! Plus it has a six-month shelf life…so it’s easy to keep on hand!”

When you suffer from nerve pain, inflammation, throbbing, or chronic pain…the thought of hanging lights or rolling out cut-out cookies can make you wince. “Don’t forego your holiday traditions because of pain,” says Dr. Campbell. “We can help you! We can compound creams that deliver pain relief to the specific area where you need it most without nausea or mental impairment! These pain-relief creams are almost one hundred percent covered by insurance, and come without all the Grinchy side effects associated with narcotic pain medication.”

With Campbell’s Compounding Pharmacy, you have nothing to dread. They accept major prescription and insurance plans for commercially available medications and specially compounded medications. Auto-refills and free shipping are also available, but they’re always happy to have you stop by and get to know them! Dr. Campbell says, “Our goal is to look out for you as if you were a member of our own family. Working closely with our patients and their doctors means we can deliver the personal service that’s crucial for your health!”

Dr. Campbell, his wife Rakel, and their kids Cole, Chloe, and Caitlyn can’t wait for the holiday season. Dr. Campbell says, “We look forward all year to celebrating the birth of Christ with our family, friends and community…I can’t think of a better gift for you or your loved ones than health and vitality. If you or someone in your family is not feeling up to the holidays, please let me help you! Happy Christmas to all…and lots of good nights!”

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