VIP Emergency Service Right Here in Fort Bend County

Dr. Salman Aly, an Internist with Capital Internal Medicine Associates, has been practicing for close to 13 years in Sugar Land. He is a primary care doctor for his in-office patients, but also a hospitalist with four local hospitals where he has privileges. As such, Dr. Aly has seen his share of patients needing immediate attention over the years.
“The majority of our patients who need urgent care, we send directly to St. Michael’s Elite Hospital,” explains Dr. Aly. “We work synergistically with the hospital to get our patients the best and fastest care. If they need extended care, St. Michael’s offers overnight treatment and observation, and if the patient is critically ill and needs transfer, I assist as the admitting physician at one of the local hospitals.”
If Dr. Aly has to admit the patient to another hospital, the transition time is much faster and more efficient for patients than in a traditional ER environment. “Together, St. Michael’s and I act almost like a concierge service,” Dr. Aly says. “It’s a VIP service, tailored to each individual patient’s needs.”
Dr. Aly has lived in Sugar Land most of his life. “I graduated from Clements High School, attended the University of Houston and NYU, then came back to the community where I grew up to practice,” he says. “I serve many of my old teachers and my friends’ parents in my practice. And I’m raising my two children (ages six and eight) right here in the same community, with my wife, Dr. Azeema Moosa. My brother’s practice is under the same roof as mine. Our mosque is here. Our community is here.”
In 2007, Dr. Shannon Orsak, founder and CMO of St. Michael’s, had an innovative idea: Create a place in his hometown where his neighbors could seek quality, emergency, medical care. A comfortable place where patrons would feel loved and didn’t have to wait hours to see a doctor. Seventeen years later, his patients are thankful for the option.
“I had several patients who were also patients at St. Michaels and they said the personal experience they received was top-notch,” Dr. Aly explains. “My mom has been to St. Michaels for treatment and most recently, I took my wife there. It’s a much calmer environment than a traditional ER. There’s less commotion and chaos and you’re typically not surrounded by super sick patients. I send my own family there, that’s how much confidence I have in St. Michael’s. And if I was ever to get sick, I would be there because of the expertise of the doctors and the caliber of care they offer.”
St. Michael’s Elie Hospital
16000 SW Freeway (at Hwy 6), Sugar Land, TX 77479

St. Michael’s is a CIHQ Certified Hospital that participates in Medicare and bills all insurances. Your insurance MUST pay in-network benefits at the ER of YOUR CHOICE whether the emergency room you choose is “in-network” or “out-of-network.”
St. Michaels Elite Hospital is dedicated to Our Values – Community, Compassion, Credibility, Courage and Value to the Holistic person. We strive to improve the health of the people in our community. As such, we maintain a policy to provide care for individuals in need of financial assistance.

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