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If heel pain makes walking easier said than done, see what’s at the bottom of your symptoms and find relief with a specialist! Dr. Marco A Vargas is a board-certified foot and ankle surgeon and an expert in foot biomechanics, the study of the structure and function of the foot. Instead of just eliminating heel pain with medication, injections and store-bought shoe inserts (only part of the treatment), Dr. Vargas also focuses on improving foot function so that your relief is permanent!

Do you need an alternative to orthotics? Dr. Vargas is one of only two doctors certified in the greater Houston area to offer the HyProCure foot stent procedure. Dr. Vargas says, “The HyProCure is a stent that is placed in the foot like an ‘implantable orthotic,’ to help improve foot biomechanics or function and eliminates the need for orthotics. It takes less than ten minutes to perform the procedure and has been performed on patients of all ages, from age three to ninety…and all activity levels including long distance runners, basketball players, ballerinas and more. Patients can walk in a surgical shoe immediately and are back in regular shoes in about two weeks. This is a particularly effective solution for active patients, those who like to wear sandals or high heels, or those who simply don’t want to wear orthotics.”

You don’t want to run all over town or keep going back to the doctor year after year for the same old heel pain. Dr. Vargas founded the heel pain center at Foot and Ankle Associates as a “one-stop-shop” to include all of the necessary tests and equipment needed to diagnose and treat heel pain. From digital X-ray, musculoskeletal ultrasound and physical therapy to Footmaxx, a computerized foot scanner used to analyze a patient’s walking pattern and foot function, patients don’t need to go anywhere else to get better…and stay that way! He says, “We also offer the K-Laser, which can eliminate heel pain symptoms in as few as 4 treatments. Whether you run all over town with your kids, work standing up, or are a professional athlete, I believe in banishing pain for good!”

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