Want a 2017 Camaro that does a
six second ¼ mile?

Drag racing has existed since automobiles were first developed. For nearly a century, car-lovers all over the world have sought out the fascination found in two cars lining up and racing from a standing start.

David Bowie understands this fascination. He’s wanted to build his own drag car his entire life. In 1999, as his 30 year career with Roadway was coming to a close, David started building his dream car in his garage. “That first car wasn’t what it was supposed to be…and I wanted to build my car properly,” says David. “Jerry Bickel—the best chassis shop in the world—offered seminars and study courses on how to do it the right way. I took just about all of them. I became a Jerry Bickel dealer and was buying Jerry Bickel components to build my car. And since I was building my car the way they do…I started getting calls from customers saying that Jerry Bickel referred them to me. That’s how David Bowie Race Cars was born.”

And today, David Bowie Race Cars is no weekend warrior. No one in the Greater Houston area is building cars of this caliber. Every car built by David and his crew is a winner. “We start with a fiberglass body,” says David, “and an SFI certified chassis. The engine is set properly for performance and my cars are built for safety. We utilize a jig table to ensure duplication and consistency in everything we do. That means one car performs just as well as the car that came off the table before it. Want a 2017 Camaro that does a six second ¼ mile? We can build it. We’ve built Camaros, Firebirds, GTO’s and more. And each is as good the last. Consistency is the key to our great cars. Anything less is unacceptable.”

This Louisiana native has been in the Houston area since age 10. He and Bernice, his wife of 47 years, raised their two boys in Houston. His career in trucking with Roadway took him on many Texas country roads. Many years ago, the tiny Fort Bend County community of Needville caught his eye, and he bought some land there to retire. Today, David, Bernice, and his shop—David Bowie Race Cars—all reside in Needville.

Once a one-man-show, David Bowie Race Cars has grown to seven mechanics. In addition to full builds, they do half builds and repair wrecked cars. When David’s not building race cars…well, he’s building race cars. “It’s what I love to do…and I still haven’t finished my own car!”

David Bowie Race CarsDavid Bowie Race Cars
13221 Kanak Street, Needville, TX 77461


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