Would you rather have floors that look fantastic for a few weeks, a dozen months, or fifteen years? Anybody—“Big Box Stores,” warehouses, even your uncle—can sell you some kind of flooring in a crate, but without good installation, you’re selling yourself short! After you’ve decided on lush carpet, gleaming tile or luscious hardwood floors, it’s time to get technical. You need the best installation and proper finish for floors that will go the distance, especially in our climate. Fort Bend families know they can trust the advice, the products, and the installation they receive through All About Carpet and Flooring.

Proper installation is at least sixty percent of the equation whether you’re getting carpet, tile, or flooring. If it isn’t installed well, it won’t perform and won’t be eligible for warranty protection. Shaun McKelvey says, “When my dad was a flooring inspector, he once saw a wood floor installed without the proper allowance for expansion in the humidity…and it had pushed out the walls of the room! Our teams understand how flooring behaves in our area and they never cut corners. We’ve had the same tile guy for eight years, our wood installer for fifteen, and our carpet installer for fifteen. Our long-time family friend Damian shares his expertise in our showroom and out on jobs. Because we know we can trust the people we work with, you know you can trust us.”

Details like baseboards, corners, stairs, closets, and end moldings separate the amateur job from the professional. Custom-cutting pieces to fit all the unusual edges and angles of each room calls for equipment you probably don’t have lying around the garage. “It’s not only about aesthetics,” says Shaun. “Your flooring won’t hold up the way it should if it isn’t installed properly. Different materials perform differently, so we’ve got a tile crew, a carpet crew, and a crew for wood. Just like all our installers, our wood installers are certified and pride themselves on doing quality work…and we back all our installations with a warranty.”

How important is proper installation? So important that your warranty depends on it. Renee McKelvey says, “Manufacturers know that the best carpet, tile, wood, or laminate can only perform as well as its installation. If you forget a step in the process, from removing previous flooring and prepping your surface, to any under-flooring needed, to assembling and laying your new flooring, you may find that amazing twenty-five-year warranty completely null and void! That’s why we use people who do the job right!”

“Call us for cleanings, restoration or repair, and come see us anytime for the best in tiles, natural stone and granite as well as hardwood flooring, laminates and carpet. You’ll get personal attention, design advice, an easy-to-understand quote, and installation you can trust! Whether you’re a repeat customer or a first-timer, we’re always happy to see you and promise to give you our best service on every job we do! As our customer you can consider yourself family.”

All About Carpet & floors has been serving the Fort Bend community with Professional and Family Oriented service since 1991.

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