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“When you visit your parents over the holidays,” says Shehnaz Vagdama of Visiting Angels, “be alert to signals that they might need help. Piles of laundry and unopened mail, a house that isn’t as clean as it used to be, and signs of confusion and memory loss. Our “Angels” make it possible for your parents to remain comfortably in their own home…while giving you peace of mind!”

One happy client, Jennifer, says, “My dad has moderate to severe Alzheimer’s and he’s needing more and more help. When mom fell off a ladder and had to go to the hospital, I called Visiting Angels right away.”

“I was so impressed that even on a Thursday night Visiting Angels had an actual employee answer the phone. I explained what we needed and the next day Shehnaz came out and did an assessment with my dad and my sister, Susan. From 7pm to 7am that very night and ever since we’ve had the help we needed. Shehnaz is great about calling and telling us what’s going on with dad. They’ve never let us down and fill all the gaps in care.”

“Honestly, we were a little worried about how dad would react, but all the caregivers from Visiting Angels have been so sweet and kind that he loves having them come over. We also appreciate that they respect boundaries and are sensitive to coming into your home. One evening my daughter and I dropped by and found mom and dad sitting on the sofa with their “angel” reading a magazine in the kitchen…close enough to be of help but not hovering right over them.”

“Visiting Angels is caring, reasonably-priced, and proactive. Shehnaz does nationwide background checks, always calls to review the schedule and lets us know who’ll be at the house. While mom was still in the hospital, we had one wonderful “Angel” who noticed Dad’s sheets needed changing…so she stripped the bed, did the laundry and made it up again for him. That’s the attention to detail and depth of caring they bring into every home. Knowing that they are looking out for dad is absolutely priceless!”

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