We See Her As Family

by Sarah Warburton

“We happened upon her purely by chance,” says Robert Aitken about Dr. Anh Doan of Vision Source, “but she was so sweet and thoughtful we were hooked! We first found her because her office took my insurance and was close to our home. Ten years later, my entire family still goes to her for our annual exams and all our eyecare needs!”

“My daughter Victoria was seven when a school checkup indicated she’d need glasses. We took her right to Dr. Doan. Once she was twelve, Dr. Doan started her on contact lenses. I was impressed…I have dry eyes, so I’ve never found contacts to be comfortable. Dr. Doan has to sign off on all my glasses before my wife, Lana, will let me order them. Lana really trusts her opinion and her taste in fashion…and comes to Dr. Doan for her prescription sunglasses.

“Dr. Doan always steers us in the right direction. My son plays baseball at Lamar and he really wanted contacts. Dr. Doan thought that they wouldn’t be a good fit with his personality and lifestyle. We went ahead with them anyway…and he only wore them for a week. Instead she set him up with prescription goggles, so he can see comfortably and safely during his games.”

“Dr. Doan really knows us and the changes we go through from year to year. Her office is so familiar and we’re so comfortable with her staff. She has very low turnover, so you really get to know everyone…and her son even helps out from time to time. My kids always hug her and greet her with real affection. She’s seen them grow up! Anytime we walk in she treats us like we’re family…after all this time it’s almost like we are!”

Dr. Doan says, “This is a great time of year to set your priorities and think about what really matters in your life. I hope that everyone remembers: making and keeping annual eye exams for yourself and your family is one of the most important things you can do for your health…and that’s true all year long!”

Dr. Anh Doan, O.D.
Vision Source!
4725 Highway 6 South

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