If you’re seeing things, running through your house. Maybe it’s a roach… or even a mouse. Who you gonna call? BugCo.

Since 2007, John Onofrey, Chris Millward, and their team of “bugbusters” of BugCo have been combating pests in area neighborhoods. Know what’s creepy? Pests might be living in your home and you’re NOT seeing them!

BugCo and Top2Bottom Inspections

“We see evidence of both insects and rodents in a large majority of the homes we visit,” says John. “You don’t have to see a mouse or a rat to know they’re there. They leave their evidence in droppings, attic trails and urine trails. And in our climate, we are under attack all the time. In the summer, the rodents come in looking to cool off and find some water. In the cooler months they come in looking for warmth. Roaches come in to escape the rain…and we got a ton of it early in the summer. The fact of the matter is, you have a controlled environment inside. It’s dry, it’s an even temperature, and there’s food! Perfect for your family…and perfect for pests.”

Lucky for you, the crew at BUGCO ain’t afraid of no pests! “When it comes to insects, preventive control is key,” continues John. “Here at BUGCO, we provide what’s called our ‘Perimeter of Protection.’ It’s a specialty technique performed around the exterior of your home that reduces the need for additional applications inside. Using this technique, you get an invisible ‘barrier’ that helps to seal out pests from entering your home. For rodents, exclusion is your first line of defense. We can come in and seal off all exterior access points…cover weep holes with wire mesh and seal points where wires are entering your home. Windows and door seals need to be checked and low hanging tree branches are convenient pathways onto your house. If vermin evidence is present, we set out bait stations to not only eliminate the rodents inside your home, but also to help in reducing the outside population.”

Or maybe the “something weird”…is happening in your yard. “Mosquitoes and fire ants. Our rains brought them out in droves. We can eliminate fire ants anywhere on your property for up to one full year. And those mosquitoes don’t stand a fighting chance with one of our mosquito misting systems. We’re offering a 20 nozzle system, installed in your outdoor living space, for $1599. We can also service, repair or upgrade any existing system. If your house has a mosquito misting system, but you have no idea what to do with it, we can help. And as an added bonus…house general pest control (that’s complete ‘bugbusting’ for your home!) is included with all mosquito misting quarterly maintenance programs.”

Without general pest control, the likelihood is high that unwelcome guests are living in your home. Since you’re not alone…pick up the phone…
And Call BUGCO!

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BugCo and Top2Bottom Inspections

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