Why I Use the Professionals…

When Crystal Zurovec got fed up with juggling work and cleaning, she says, “I Googled ‘maid services’ in my area and Professional Maid Service came up. I had them out once or twice, but I didn’t realize how nice it was to have a house cleaned regularly on schedule. When I tried a deep clean from another service, I truly understood what a great job Professional Maids does…every time!”

After that “deep clean” by a different company left Crystal’s cultured marble countertops scratched, she called Professional Maids again. She says, “I’ve never had a moment’s worry with Professional Maids, so I asked them to come the second Friday of every month. They always call the day before to confirm and they show up like clockwork once a month. I use autopay, so I don’t have to do a thing! Getting a regular cleaning from Professional Maids is like getting a fresh start every month.”

“I’ve never seen any cleaning company as professional as the Professional Maids. They come in a company car with ‘Professional Maids’ right on the side. Sometimes I’m at home and other times I go to my husband’s office, but the maids always clean thoroughly without getting in my way and lock up when they’re done. I’ve been very happy with the level of cleaning they do each and every time…and last time they even washed the few dishes I’d left in the sink!”

“When I had a team from Professional Maids that I thought did an exceptional job, I called to rave about them. Since then, they’ve scheduled the same team for me…I love how receptive they are to feedback! This company really cares about their customers!”

Cleaning to the Max

Max’s Cleaning Tip: Max McCammond, owner of Professional Maid Service, says, “When you give someone the gift of regular cleanings, what you’re really giving them is time to relax…perfect for a new neighbor, a sick friend, or mom! Write a little note explaining what you’ve done and tie it to a bottle of organic cleaner (or bubble bath). Call us to schedule a Mother’s Day treat she’ll really love…and leave the cleaning to the professionals!”


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