The Jackson 4 – “Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall we’ll be there!”

When it comes to singing R&B, nobody warbled tunes like The Jackson 5. Their song stylings and dance maneuvers are rivaled by no one. But when it comes to air conditioning, nobody can beat Sugar Land’s own “Jackson 4” at Jackson Air & Heat: patriarch Johnny Jackson, company owner Brian Jackson and Brian’s two sons, Brian and Blake. They may not be able to moonwalk, but they can fix anything air conditioning related…and in a Southeast Texas summer, who would you rather have knocking at your door?

In addition to being Sugar Land’s go-to experts on TRANE Tru-Comfort air technology, the “Jackson 4” have roots that aren’t just deep—they’re Texas deep. Johnny Jackson, the company’s founder and one of eleven children, served his country as an aircraft mechanic in the Air Force. He realized early on that not only did he have an aptitude for working with tools, he loved anything mechanical. If it had parts, he could fix it.

After his stint in the Air Force, Johnny went to work for National Cash Register. In 1976, the company transferred him and his family to a little known (at the time) Houston suburb called Sugar Land. It didn’t take Johnny long to realize just how necessary good air conditioning was in “muggy and miserable” Houston. He founded Jackson Air & Heat and the company took off.
“Everything I know about air conditioners I learned from my dad,” says Johnny’s son Brian. “And there are three things he taught me that I’ve taught my boys—best product, best service, best price. That’s why we became the largest independent TRANE air conditioner dealer in the area. TRANE units are the most efficient units available, especially in our ultra-humid conditions.”

Growing up in the family business made Brian particularly aware of the unique air conditioning needs of Southeast Texas. “It’s not just heating and cooling anymore,” says Brian. “It’s energy efficiency and indoor air quality. As houses get bigger, energy demands get bigger too. Only a TRANE system can handle the extra load and still keep costs down. It will cool every room in the house, remove humidity, and work without all the racket of an off-brand air conditioner. Ask anyone with a TRANE unit and they will tell you.”

Better still, customers may be eligible for 0% APR financing or some impressive Centerpoint and TRANE rebates. “We’re a team,” says Brian. “My sons Brian and Blake and I are continuing a thirty-five year tradition of giving you the best possible customer service. Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall we’ll be there…your comfort is our business!”

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