Are You Tired of Loose Dentures?

“Mini dental implants could be the easy solution!” says Dr. Lance Jue, DDS at A Beautiful Smile at Lake Pointe.

“Traditional dentures can be unstable,” continues Dr. Jue. “And many times, the adhesives available just don’t provide the kind of stability people want in their teeth. Mini implants can keep them from sliding and give you more confidence when eating and speaking. They are significantly cheaper than traditional implants, and they are less invasive–bone surgery is not necessary and treatment time and healing time is greatly reduced. As an added bonus, if something does happen to the implant or if it gets loose, it’s much easier to fix than a traditional implant.”

Mini implants are mini titanium alloy dental implants—rooted into the jawbone—that act as anchors to stabilize your dentures. A metal housing is incorporated into the base of your denture with a rubber O-ring that provides the seal that locks the pieces into place. They work with both traditional acrylic dentures or the more aesthetically pleasing porcelain bridges. Dr. Jue says, “With these implants, you have three options. We can give you a few implants to stabilize your traditional acrylic dentures…and you’ll be able to remove your dentures as you wish–no adhesive necessary. Or for a more permanent solution, we can create a porcelain bridge for you that’s anchored by mini implants. It’s footprint in the roof of your mouth is much smaller than a traditional acrylic denture, and it can be semi-permanent or permanent. Either way…it’s easy for you. I take out the semi-permanent denture every six months and clean it for you, or if you choose the permanent one, we cement it in. With all mini implants, you’ll be out and about, enjoying your favorite foods, talking with ease, laughing and smiling freely within a few days of the procedure.”

From implants and dentures to check-ups and screenings to veneers and whitening…A Beautiful Smile is your comprehensive family dental office. Dr. Jue says “We pride ourselves on state-of-the-art general, cosmetic and restorative dentistry with extended hours…and even some Saturday appointments. Like the cutting-edge mini implants, we always promise you the best, most advanced care possible. And I take a personal interest in getting to know all of my patients. I enjoy learning about your life and want you to feel comfortable talking to me about your dental concerns.”

A Beautiful Smile at Lake PointeReady to say goodbye to loose dentures? Give Dr. Jue a call and set up a consultation today to talk about mini implants!”

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