A Medically-Supervised,
One-Year Weight Loss Plan

Twelve years ago, Ashley Hilliard began her health journey. “It started with weight loss,” says Ashley, “but it wasn’t until I met Dr. Julia Ward (founder of local Balanced Body Functional Medicine) that I was able to heal all of my ailments! I lost 35 pounds back in 2009. Since then, I’ve had two children, and I’ve kept the weight off. My diet is not in a book. It was created for me and my body, and it’s something I can stick to!”

Today, Ashley is the nutritional counselor at Balanced Body Functional Medicine, where she’s leading a brand-new, twelve-month weight loss program. “This is a more focused, sustainable approach to weight loss,” explains Ashley. “It’s more about lifestyle. We find what works for you. There are a lot of misconceptions out there about weight loss. Many people struggle with chronic inflammation…they’re reacting to the foods they’re eating. This program begins with a detox and allergy and sensitivity testing. We discover what foods cause issues, and then tailor your diet around that.”

As part of your weight loss team, Dr. Ward manages the health aspect of your journey. “We see many patients with thyroid issues, high blood pressure, and diabetes,” continues Ashley. “A critical part of supporting healthy weight loss long term is dealing with the underlying conditions. Dr. Ward manages these conditions and the medications. Hormones are often another piece of the weight loss puzzle. Dr. Ward works with clients to balance hormones.”

With this plan, you’ll never feel alone. It’s a yearlong, guided program. “Dr. Ward is very hands-on,” says Ashley. “She’ll use every tool available to help you. This is not theory, Dr. Ward lives the lifestyle. She personally makes cooking videos to help our clients learn! The program includes weekly or bi-weekly check-ins with me. I’m your coach. If you’re experiencing an intense craving for Oreos, we’ll discuss how we can satisfy that craving. You might be surprised to learn that once we clean up the sugar in your gut, most of those cravings dissipate immensely! But we also understand that you’re human, not a robot. That’s why we’re here for you, every step of the way. I love the various ways we go about addressing your weight loss, adjusting every aspect…including your health, hormones, supplements, and diet. My own journey began with weight loss, but it morphed into a healthy lifestyle that consists of eating whole, clean, unprocessed food, and that is the philosophy we live by here at the practice! This is a sustainable lifestyle.”

Schedule a consultation at Balanced Body Functional Medicine today to start your one-year, medically-supervised weight loss plan. “The only diet that matters is the one you stick to,” says Ashley. “We’ll help you find it!”

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